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CDBG Development Assistance and Job Creation

A portion of the City of Rockford Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding can be used for grants and loans to facilitate blight elimination or the generation of new employment within the community. CDBG funds can be used to assist business owners and developers with building improvements. Although CDBG is a great program for many businesses, there are several important requirements of the CDBG program that should be considered before determining if CDBG is appropriate for your project. Use of these funds will be coordinated with the businesses private funds to cover a potential financing gap. 

    • All contractors employed on a CDBG funded project must be paid Federal Davis-Bacon Wages. These wages are often higher than what would normally be paid to contractors.  Please contact the City of Rockford for a current list of Davis-Bacon wage rates.
    • 51% of new employment positions created must be filled by or made available to Low-to-Moderate Individuals (LMI). An LMI individual is defined as a person with a household income that falls at or below a predetermined threshold by Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


 A significant amount of reporting and paperwork is required for this program.  Please contact the City of Rockford Community Development Department - Economic Development Division for additional information on program review and eligibility 779-348-7162


Some Federal grants require organizations to obtain a Certificate of Consistency. This Certificate ensure the organization's grant application conforms with the City's 5-year Consolidated Plan. After the applicant completes the form it should be returned to the Neighborhood Development Programs Manager for review. It will then be signed by the Mayor's office and returned to the grant applicant to be submitted with the grant application.


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