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Second Ward

Jamie Getchius


Jamie Getchius (R)

Jaime Getchius
1920 Hawthorne Avenue
Rockford, IL 61107

Cell: 815.713.7575

Jamie is a Naval Academy graduate who served onboard submarines for twelve years. He deployed overseas four times in support of the Global War on Terror. On the last two of these deployments, he was the ship's navigator and officer third in command. While in the Navy, Jamie earned his Masters Degree in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas.

Jamie decided to leave the naval service after meeting his wife, Ann Marie. The couple moved to Rockford in 2009 after Jamie began working as a nuclear supervisor at the power plant in Byron. Jamie and Ann Marie have enjoyed getting involved in Rockford at a community level by volunteering at the P.A. Peterson Center for Health, working out at the Y.M.C.A. and taking their dog, Daisy, for frequent walks around the neighborhood. All of the wonderful people that they have met inspired Jamie to serve on the City Council as their representative.

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