2018-2022 Capital Improvement Program

The City of Rockford’s Fiscal Year 2018-2022 Capital Improvement Program represents a comprehensive, City-wide infrastructure investment program that fulfills our core values of enhancing public safety, maintaining and improving the movement of commerce and economic activity throughout the City, and promoting a sense of well-being for the community as a whole.  The Program is intended to serve as a living document that allows for the ability to address unforeseen circumstances and the flexibility to react to changing situations. Some areas of emphasis that are evident in this Program are improvements to the City’s arterial and collector street network, the rehabilitation of dilapidated bridges and structures that are hampering commerce with weight restrictions, the programming of regular maintenance activities to sustain the life of our infrastructure, applying significant funds to improving and expanding our existing stormwater infrastructure, and enhancing the City’s pedestrian accommodations. The current Improvement Program focuses on Highway Structure Repair and Replacement Program, City-Wide Drainage and Stormwater, Programmed Maintenance, Sidewalk and Active Transportation, Capital Lighting and Traffic Signals, Project Development, and Community Enhancement & Economic Development.

Please click here to see the current draft Capital Improvement Program in its entirety.  This program was adopted by City Council on January 2, 2018  Please visit the Public Works page for additional project information, and archived Capital Improvement Programs from prior years.