Plan Review & ProjectDox

General Plan Review Information

Reviews are required for all projects other than one and two family dwellings prior to issuance of building permits. These reviews are based primarily upon requirements of the currently adopted building code and Illinois Accessibility Code. The following information is helpful before you start the permit application process:

  • A plan review fee, based on our Fee Schedule page, is due once the project is submitted for any required reviews. There is a plan review fee for each trade.
  • Plan Review Fee Calculator
  • The Fire Prevention Bureau is authorized to review and contribute to plan reviews conducted by the Building Services Department.
  • See Codes Adopted by the City of Rockford for a list of codes currently applied during plan reviews.
  • Please see this page for more information on ProjectDox.

Construction Document Requirements

Please create an online permit request via our Online Permitting System. Plan Review fees will then be calculated and the amount will be emailed to you. Once fees are paid, you will receive an invite to upload plans and documents into ProjectDox.

Generally, it takes up to 14 days to complete a standard review. If revisions are needed, the design professional will be contacted. Once the design professional submits revisions, it usually takes up to 5 days to review revised plans. When all departments approve their reviews, your general contractor will be contacted to verify the construction costs. If you do not include the general contractor information on the application, we will request this information once the building permit is approved. Construction cost must be confirmed in order to calculate the final permit fees. All fees must be paid before a permit can be issued.

Alteration of a building which is a change in use/occupancy (per Zoning Ordinance or Building Code):

Interior only remodel or tenant build-out without change in use/occupancy:

  • Completed permit application
  • Complete set of digitally signed construction documents and a floor plan of the entire building to indicate the location of project work within the building and to indicate the location of exit access corridors/aisles, exit stairs and exit discharge doors

Separate plan reviews are conducted by the following when applicable:

  • Fire Prevention Bureau for fire extinguishing systems, manual and automatic fire alarm/detection systems, single and multiple smoke alarms, and other issues of special concern to the Bureau.
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) Reviews for gas piping, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems.
  • Elevator and other conveying systems.
  • Public Works for various infrastructure and site plan work.

Note: Change in use or Alteration projects that result in structural or life safety changes are required by State law to have construction documents prepared, sealed, signed, and dated (including license expiration date) by a design professional (Architect, Professional Engineer or Structural Engineer) currently licensed to practice in the State of Illinois. Please contact the Building Department office for clarification. Refer to the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation at IDFPR website for a current list of design professionals.

Need to get plans approved quickly? Review our Express Plan Review (PDF) process for new construction and additions, or our Permit By Appointment (PDF) process for interior remodel jobs. To get started, please contact the Building Plans Examiner at 779-348-7445

Process to Permit Overview

The process to obtain a building permit:

  1. Please create an online permit request via our Online Permitting System.
  2. Pay the plan review fees and receive invite from ProjectDox to upload files.
  3. Upload the proper construction plans, with all required documents as indicated above into ProjectDox (see below for more information on ProjectDox).
  4. Project Coordinator will complete a prescreen review. Upon completion, ProjectDox will notify the designer directly if the documents are incomplete or unacceptable.
  5. The Project Coordinator will distribute plans to all required departments for review via ProjectDox.
  6. Each department will then perform its respective plan review. Any issues which arise as a result of reviews are resolved between the respective department and designer via ProjectDox.
  7. The building permit and approved documents will be available online once its own plan review comments are resolved and clearances from all other departments are received. The applicant is to post the permit where it is visible from the address street for which the permit was issued or the primary entrance of the facility or space. The approved set of documents and permit shall be kept on site where inspectors may view documents during inspections.

ProjectDox Information

ProjectDox is our digital plan review system. This system allows review staff to digitally review and markup plans for required corrections in order for the building to meet all local building codes and ordinances.

ProjectDox link.

Please note that if you have not submitted a project that requires an online review you will not have access to ProjectDox.

The city of Rockford has put together the following quick start guides to help new users understand the basics of using the plan review software. If you need additional help please email ProjectDox Help for more information.

ProjectDox Informational Guides: