The members of the Rockford Fire Department are professionals dedicated to providing services that are innovative and progressive, ensuring the safest environment for our community.

Rockford Fire Department Division Chiefs

  1. chief pankow 1

    Michele Pankow

    Fire Chief

  1. tim okeefe 1

    Timothy O'Keefe

    Division Chief of Operations

  1. todd monahan 1

    Todd Monahan

    Division Chief of Administration

  1. luis 1

    Luis Duran

    Division Chief of Training and Fire Prevention

  1. matt 1

    Matt Cordonnier

    Logistics Chief

  1. elizabeth russell 1

    Elizabeth Russell

    911 Division Administrator


Rockford Fire Department District Chiefs

  1. Kyle Hill

    District Chief - A Shift

  1. Brian Carlson

    District Chief - A Shift

  1. Slade Berry

    District Chief - B Shift

  1. Trent Brass

    District Chief - B Shift

  1. Jimmy Krein

    District Chief - C Shift

Krein_Jimmy DC
  1. Will Pederson

    District Chief - C Shift