Why did the department pursue accreditation?
  • Because it was the right thing to do. Conducting a comprehensive assessment and identifying areas where we could improve was a responsible course of action. Having a detailed evaluation for our use provides a basis for good decision-making.
  • Reassures the citizens we serve and ultimately protects their interest and investment in City services.
  • Provides the internal and external review of the services we provide to the community.
  • The promotion of excellence in our organization is an initiative that both management and labor are fully committed to. Accreditation was a recognized framework to guide this endeavor.
  • Accreditation provides assurances to our stakeholders that we are doing a good job. Stakeholders in our organization include the citizens we serve, city governments, businesses, neighboring agencies, and others.
  • Accreditation allows us to showcase our capabilities and quality. Assessments of our agency have the transparency of external peer review.
  • Fosters pride within our organization
  • Because the timing was right. Our organization has always focused on the most important task at hand. A pause in growth and other challenges at the time allowed for a top to bottom review of our current practices.
  • Expanded the District’s organizational knowledge, including its business operations.
  • Assists us in maintaining our ISO rating; creates the environment to pursue a rating improvement and ensures the lowest fire insurance rates possible in the community we protect.
  • Provides a long-lasting shared knowledge of the organization and provides a foundation for sound succession management.
  • Brought our membership together to build a better organization.
  • Determined the Department’s strengths, weaknesses, limitations, and opportunities for improved service.
  • Provided a method to analyze the services provided by the Department and how best to deliver those services.

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2. Why did the department pursue accreditation?
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