ATVs/Non-Highway Vehicles

City Council recently passed amendments to current ordinances to strength regulations on ATVs and other non-highway vehicles. The revisions to the ordinance state that non-highway vehicles are declared nuisances and reinforced that they are illegal on public streets. These vehicles are now specifically subject to impound from public and private property, and they must be registered with the City of Rockford. In addition, these amendments make it unlawful to keep or store unregistered non-highway vehicles or non-highway vehicles used in violation of the ordinance, as well as declare it unlawful to fuel non-highway vehicles, or allowed them to be fueled at a gas station, unless secured on a trailer or truck bed.

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. All references to ATVs includes non-highway vehicles as well.

Why are these revisions about ATVs necessary?

ATVs on our streets are a safety concern for not only the riders, but everyone they share the streets with. By declaring illegal ATVs nuisances under our ordinance, we are able to provide better clarity to our residents and officers and provide better tools for enforcement.

How much does it cost to register an ATV?

There is no cost.

How often do you have to renew registration?

Residents would only need to register an ATV once. If the resident moves or has new contact information or the ATV is sold, the information would need to be updated by sending revised information to [email protected].

Can officers go onto private property to impound an ATV?

The ordinance specifically allows officers to impound nuisance ATVs from private property. Those are ATVs that have been used unlawfully on public streets or that are unregistered. Officers will be required to follow the proper legal process, including seeking a warrant from a judge.