Historic Preservation FAQs

Q: How do I research the history of my building?
A: There are several approaches you can take. Your first step should probably be to read or download “Building History” from this website. You can call the Commission office at 779-348-7445 and ask if the Commission’s historic resources inventory has any information on the building you’re interested in. This contains basic information on about 4,000 sites. In some cases this may be nothing more than a photograph; in others, there will be a complete physical description as well as historical information. Another good source is the Local History Room of the Rockford Public Library which has a collection of city directories for Rockford going back to the late 19th century. The only drawback to these is that the directories did not include listings by address until 1902; before then, listings were only by person or business. Staff at the Local History Room will be happy to help guide you to other resources that may be available at the Library.  You can also access the RPL local history website here: https://www.rockfordpubliclibrary.org/local-history/