Zoning Clearance & Plan Review

Accessory Structures

Accessory structures, garages, decks fences, pools, and porches are regulated by the Zoning Ordinance.  All must conform to setback requirements which vary with the type of lot, whether an interior or a corner lot.  Accessory structures and detached garages are limited to a permitted combined area.  In most cases the combined total square footage of garages, sheds, and other accessory uses is 720 square feet; however, in larger lots, the permitted square footage may be larger.


Commercial Additions/Enlargements

All building permit applications for building additions or enlargements are subject to zoning review.  Uses of property, parking, landscaping, signage and setback requirements will be reviewed for compliance with the current zoning ordinance.  Anyone anticipating the construction of an addition or enlargement of a current building is advised to contact Zoning prior to the submission of a building permit application.

Residential Additions/Enlargements

All building permits are subject to zoning review.  Applications for building permits for additions or enlargements to residential property will be reviewed for compliance with setback restrictions in front, rear, and side yards.  The use of the property will also be reviewed for compliance with all zoning requirements.

Parking Lot Requirements

Commercial Parking/Landscaping/Setback Requirements

All new commercial parking lots with five (5) or more parking spaces are required to be landscaped if they are adjacent to a public street.  This landscaping would consist of a perimeter landscape strip twenty (20) feet in width along the public street and landscape planting beds within the parking lot.  Landscaping consisting of shade trees, deciduous shrubs and evergreen shrubs is required for parking lots.

Commercial developments of different types and sizes require a different level of parking:

  • Most commercial establishments require one parking space for every 250 square feet of gross floor area.
  • Commercial establishments with drive-up windows are required to have stacking spaces in addition to parking spaces.
  • Medical and dental offices require one space for every 150 square feet of gross floor area.
  • General offices require one (1) space for every 300 square feet of gross floor area.

Residential Parking/Landscaping/Setback Requirements

Single-family homes, duplexes and multi-family apartment complexes are all required to provide off-street parking at the time of development.  Single-family homes are required to have two (2) off-street parking spaces, with one (1) parking space in a fully enclosed building.  Duplexes are required to have two (2) parking spaces per dwelling unit, while apartment buildings are required to have one and one-half spaces per dwelling unit.

If five (5) or more parking spaces are provided, landscaping is required in accordance with the zoning ordinance.  The major requirement is a ten (10) foot wide landscaping strip with trees, deciduous shrubs, and evergreen shrubs when the parking lot is adjacent to a public street.

Residential buildings are required to be set back a minimum of 30 feet from the public right-of-way, and a minimum of 30 feet from the rear property line.  Side yard setbacks of a minimum of six (6) feet are also required.  Any encroachment into front, rear or side yard setbacks requires zoning reviews.