Zoning & Uses

Zoning has two major functions: administration and enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance. Zoning administration includes the zoning application process for Zoning Map Amendments, Special Use Permits and Variances requested by property owners or developers, and with providing background information and recommendations to the Zoning Board of Appeals on all requests for zoning changes.

Zoning also includes review of all building permits for compliance with the Zoning Ordinance, and enforcement of the ordinance by responding to complaints and following up on previous zoning cases.  For a copy of the updated 2004 Ordinance Book or to file a complaint, contact Zoning at …..(779) 348-7163. The cost for the book is $20.00.  The cost for a zoning map is $30.00.

Zoning also provides zoning clearances for building permits, new water meter requests and permanent sign permits.  It also issues permits for Home Occupations, parking lots, fences, and banners and inflatable signs.