Get on a Bid List

The Central Services Division maintains a listing of vendors interested in receiving bid notices when the City decides to purchase goods or services.  The list is maintained by type of work or product supplies, and when a relevant project or purchase is needed, bidders on the bid list are notified of the opportunity.  To get on the City of Rockford Bidder’s List, you may fill out the form below and return to the Central Services Division at 425 E State Street, Rockford, Illinois 61104 or FAX to (800) 380-7175.  Emailed responses can be sent to purchasing2@rockfordil.gov.

The City of Rockford may or may not require the specific items your company offers.  If the City does require and request bids or proposals on this type of product and/or service, the City will mail, email, or fax you a notice for that particular bid.


Contractor/Vendor Information Form


• Use PDF program to complete form and email to City of Rockford Purchasing Department.