Solicitors & Peddlers License

The City of Rockford’s Solicitors and Peddlers Ordinance was instituted due to safety concerns and requires a person engaged in commercial home merchandising activities within the City of Rockford to obtain a solicitation license.  Commercial home merchandising means the selling, offering to sell, soliciting, taking orders, canvassing, offering service of any kind, character or description, or making demonstrations of any goods, wares, chattel, or things of value for immediate delivery or to be delivered or performed in the future, by any person who goes from residential dwelling to residential dwelling or upon any other privately owned property within the city.  Solicitation includes in-person contacts on streets, highways, sidewalks and at residences within the City or the distribution of written material, including the placement or delivery of such materials at the premises or on any property belonging to a third person.  Persons engaged in charitable, political or religious solicitation do not have to obtain a license.  See Code sections 24-1 through 24-52.

To obtain a license, complete the Solicitors-Peddlers License Application.  The license also requires a background check and you will need to contact Merchants Police to get that accomplished.  Licenses are valid for 90 days and will be issued upon approval.

Compliance with all laws, ordinances and regulations of the City of Rockford including all building, zoning and fire regulations as well as the State of Illinois statutes applicable to such a licensed business or device is mandatory.