Fire Department FAQs

Q: What is the address of the Rockford Fire Department headquarters?
A: 204 South First Street Rockford, IL 61104

Q: What is the phone number for the Fire Department?
A: 779-348-7171

Q: Who do I contact for questions about my ambulance bill?
A: The Rockford Fire Department uses a third party vendor to bill for our ambulance transports. If you have a question concerning your bill, please contact Andres Medical Billing at 877-618-0943.

Q: How do I request a copy of a public record (i.e. incident reports, inspection reports, etc.)?
A: Click Here and follow the directions to download a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Request Form. You can also fill out a form in person at Fire Department headquarters, 204 S 1st St.

Q: What is the City of Rockford’s fire insurance rating (ISO)?
A: Class 2

Q: How many fire stations are there in the City of Rockford?
A: There are 11 fire stations located throughout the city.

Q: What are the types of fire department apparatus?
A: Engines- 9; Ladders- 4; Ambulances- 7. The department also has specialty vehicles for rescue and Hazmat operations.

Q: Why do you send a fire truck with an ambulance to a medical call?
A: Our main concern in any medical emergency is to provide support as quickly as possible. All fire suppression companies are equipped with at least one ALS certified personnel. Because there are only 7 ambulances to cover the city, by sending a fire truck we can ensure that Advanced Life Support is on scene in a timely manner.

Q: I have a question about a fire hydrant.
A: If the hydrant needs painting or maintenance, contact the City of Rockford Water Department at 779-348-7300. The Fire Department will not open a hydrant for kids to play. This significantly reduces the water pressure in the area and could jeopardize firefighting efforts. We also recommend that during the winter season, snow be removed in a 3 foot radius around the hydrant.

Q: Will the Fire Department respond to get a cat or other animal out of a tree?
A: We will generally not respond unless there are extreme circumstances. We recommend setting food out and calling the cat. This could also be directed to the Winnebago County Animal Control.

Q: I have a Carbon Monoxide or Natural Gas leak.
A: For leaks or odors, contact Nicor at 888-642-6748. Call 911 if you are experiencing any symptoms.

Q: Does the Fire Department respond to lock outs?
A: We will respond to a lock out if there is an immediate danger. Otherwise, you should contact a locksmith.

Q: Does the City charge for false alarms?
A: Click here for the City’s false alarm policy.

Q: Does the Fire Department install car seats?
A: The Fire Department does not install car seats. Safe Kids Winnebago County provides that service. They can be reached at 815-489-6088.

Q: Does the Fire Department provide CPR classes?
A: The Fire Department does not provide CPR classes.

Q: I would like to request the Fire Department to attend an event.
A: If you would like the Fire Department to attend your event please fill out a Community Outreach/Public Education Request. Or you can call the Fire Prevention Division at 779-348-7172.

Q: Can I have a recreational fire in the City of Rockford?
A: By city ordinance, open burning and camp fires are not allowed in the City of Rockford. Permits are issued for special event bonfires and prairie/ecological burns. Fines for violating this ordinance may be issued. View the Open Burning Guidelines to learn more about the open burning ordinance.

Q: Where can I get help after a fire or emergency?
A: You can contact the American Red Cross at 815-963-8471 for assistance.

Q: How do I receive my Knox Box keys?
A: Once the Knox Box is installed, we will come and install the keys and cover. Contact the Fire Prevention Division at 779-348-7172.

Q: I would like to schedule an inspection of my business.
A: Contact the Fire Prevention Division at 779-348-7172 to schedule an inspection.