Special Operations


The Rockford Hazardous Materials Team is a highly trained, specialized unit within the department and is located at Station #7, 2323 Sawyer Rd. Calls answered involve some type of hazardous material or situation. Included in this category are fuel, natural gas, and chemical spills or leaks.

Water Rescue

Our certified rescue divers function as a part of the Winnebago Water Rescue and Recovery Team. The team responds to any water emergency in Winnebago County.

Technical Rescue

Technical Rescue includes calls answered for extrication, confined space rescue, high angle rescue, and elevator rescue. Extrication from vehicles, machinery, etc. is the responsibility of Engine Company #4 (2959 Shaw Woods Dr), Engine Company #8 (505 Sherman St), and Engine Company #11 (2117 Calgary Ct). The Rockford Fire Department “High Angle Rescue Team” (H.A.R.T.) is equipped and trained to rescue victims trapped in above or below ground emergencies. Ladder Company and Quint Company personnel are trained to handle elevator rescues.