Human Resources

Shurice Hunter

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is committed to providing the highest level of customer service through the fair treatment of employees, open communication and personal accountability.  The department strives to maintain a high performing and diverse workforce, and fosters a safe and productive work environment while promoting wellness and healthy lifestyle choices for our employees and their families.


City of Rockford Wellness Center

The City of Rockford opened the City of Rockford Wellness Center in September 2014. The Wellness Center is operated by Marathon Health, one of the nation’s leading providers of worksite healthcare. The care Marathon Health provides is very similar to the care provided by a primary care provider. Services include care for common illnesses and injuries, lab draws, routine physical exams, and immunizations. In addition to helping you when you aren’t well, the Wellness Center offers health coaching to address lifestyle health risks such as stress, diet. tobacco use, and physical inactivity, as well as, chronic condition management for conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, or asthma.  Please click the link below to view the COR Wellness Center Yearly review which is presented at City Council Meetings annually.

City of Rockford Wellness Center Year 6 Review