Administrative Bureau


The Administrative Bureau is comprised of the Property and Evidence, Accreditation, Records Center, and Chaplains divisions, as well as the Research and Development unit, and the Information Technology, Payroll, Fiscal Services, and Volunteer Services sections.

Property and Evidence Division

The Property and Evidence Division is responsible for ensuring the integrity of evidence and property recovered by Rockford Police Officers, returning recovered property to its legal owner(s) and the destruction of contraband evidence.

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Fiscal Services Section

The Fiscal Services Section manages the Police Department’s purchases, accounts payable and accounts receivable. The section also maintains an inventory of uniforms and police equipment, monitors the Department’s equipment budget, researches the purchase of law enforcement equipment, prepares bid specifications and oversees contracts with vendors.

PD 2017 Budget Final

Records Center

The Records Center is responsible for providing timely and accurate information from the thousands of reports that the Rockford Police Department keeps on file. The Rockford Police Department as well as many other police agencies, probation and parole departments, local state and federal court systems, insurance companies and private citizens use this information. The Records Center Division also compiles statistics and reports them to the State of Illinois and to the FBI as outlined by the National Incident Based Reporting Standards.

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Rockford Police Policies

The Rockford Police Department uses a General Order as guidelines for best practices. Click the link below to see some of the policies that impact department employees, supervisors, and the public.

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Recruiting Section

The Recruiting Section is responsible for finding and attracting candidates for the position of sworn police officer for the department.

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