Rockford Police Department Policies

The Rockford Police Department uses a General Order as guidelines for best practices. Below are some of the policies that impact department employees, supervisors, and the public.

Department Mission Statement

The Rockford Police Department has a vision statement, a mission statement, and a set of values that drive the operation of the Department.
Rockford Police Department Mission Statement

Oath of Office and Code of Ethics

All employees for the Rockford Police Department will comply with a code of ethics, and all sworn members (prior to assuming sworn status) will take an oath of office.
Oath of Office and Code of Ethics

Department Organization

The Rockford Police Department is organized by function in order to make efficient use of all resources. The link below outlines not only department authority, organizational structure and the chain of command, but breaks down the primary duties and responsibilities of each bureau, district, and unit of the department.
Department Organization and Responsibilities

Intermediate Tools

The Rockford Police Department authorizes officers to carry and use Department approved intermediate tools in the performance of their duties.
Intermediate Tools, Training, and Procedures

Recorded Media

The Rockford Police Department will use in-car mobile video recording to assist in documenting traffic enforcement and other law enforcement activities in accordance with applicable laws.
In-Car Mobile Video/Audio Recording

Vehicle Pursuits

The Rockford Police Department regulates the manner in which vehicle pursuits are undertaken and performed. The link below provides guidelines on the initiation and continuation of vehicular pursuits.
Vehicle Pursuit Policy

Use of Force

The Rockford Police Department recognizes the value of human life and is committed to respecting human rights and the dignity of every individual. The Department has set the below policy and procedures for personnel’s response to resistance.
Responding to Resistance

Investigating Use of Force

The Rockford Police Department requires officers to investigate and/or report uses of force. Because an officer’s use of force involves risk, the Department believes it is prudent to analyze and manage this risk.
Reporting Response to Resistance

Personnel Involved in Critical Incidents

The Rockford Police Department values its employees. Should an employee be involved in a critical and potentially traumatic incident, the Rockford Police Department takes steps to ensure all necessary attention is given to the individual.
Employee Support in Critical Incidents

Arrests and Alternatives

The Rockford Police Department will vigorously and equitably enforce all laws, statutes, and ordinances of the State of Illinois and the City of Rockford.
Arrests and Alternatives to Arrests

Traffic Crashes

The Rockford Police Department will investigate all traffic crashes brought to the department’s attention, ensure proper reporting of crashes, and take appropriate enforcement action.
Investigating Traffic Crashes

Body Worn Cameras

The Rockford Police Department will use Body Worn Camera video recording to assist in documenting law enforcement activities.
Body Worn Cameras

Bias-Free Policing

The Rockford Police Department respects the civil rights of all persons and prohibits any form of discrimination by employees.
Bias-Free Policing

Mental Illness and Emotional Instability

The need to assess the mental state and intention of individuals is a routine requirement of Rockford Police officers performing enforcement and investigative functions. It also applies to those civilian employees providing support services.
Dealing with Mental Illness

Lethality Assessment Program

A Lethality Screen is used at the scene of domestic violence incidents involving intimate partners to identify victims in potentially lethal situations.
LAP Protocol

Domestic Related Problems Involving Personnel

The Rockford Police Department will investigate incidents of domestic violence or domestic disputes including department personnel and work quickly to protect the victim.
Domestic Incidents Involving Personnel

Harassment and Workplace Violence

The Rockford Police Department provides a professional and productive work environment which all personnel must help to maintain. Unlawful harassment, discrimination, or violence in the workplace will not be tolerated.
Prohibited Workplace Behavior

News Media Relations

The Rockford Police Department extends full cooperation to members of the news media and the community. Information will be released in an impartial, accurate and timely fashion while also protecting the rights of involved individuals and maintaining confidentiality.
Media Relations and Public Information

Community Mediation

The Rockford Police Department seeks to satisfy the community and resolve any complaints the public may have with the Department. The goal is to promote an effective police/community partnership and develop problem-solving opportunities through open communication.
Community Mediation Program

Citizen Ride-Along Program

The Rockford Police Department encourages citizens to ride with an officer while he or she is engaged in patrol activities. The below link explains the guidelines for applicants and responsibilities of officers during a ride-along.

Ride-Along with RPD
Rules and Guidelines
Ride-Along Waiver
Ride-Along Application
Ride-Along Evaluation

Internship Program

The Rockford Police Department selects interns to experience and observe the day-to-day functions of the Department. Those who are chosen for the program will be assigned to several Bureaus and Units of the Rockford Police Department, the Winnebago County Coroner’s Office, and the Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office.
Intern at RPD

Policies and Procedures FAQ’s

We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions. You can find a pdf of the questions and answers attached.
Policies and Procedures FAQ’s