Community Services Unit

Rockford Police Department - Community Services Unit

The Community Services Unit consists of Rockford Police Officers who are responsible for developing crime reducing and problem solving partnerships with the citizens and businesses in their areas. Officers within this unit employ both traditional and non-traditional methods to solve these problems.

Community Service Officer Information

Strong House Programming and Office Hours

ROCK House Officer Information

Community Services Officers (CSOs) are available to assist residents with the following:

  • Work with residents in the community to address quality of life issues that may be deteriorating a neighborhood.
  • Attend neighborhood meetings and encourage feedback from residents regarding crime and quality of life issues. CSOs then work on issues discussed, report findings and develop ongoing plans of actions with residents.
  • Assist and support community members, associations, and organizations in the planning and execution of community events.
  • Offer crime-free multi-housing, a three-phase certification program for rental properties designed to reduce the incidents of crime at rental properties.
  • Survey commercial businesses or residential homes and prepare a report of written recommendations for increased security.
  • Hosts structured activities and events for youth and adults in the Strong Houses and around the community.
  • Host informational sessions and safety presentations regarding crime reduction strategies and situational awareness.

For more information about any of these offerings and to learn more about other programming and services, please contact Lieutenant Jason Bailey at [email protected].