Charles Street Box Culvert Repairs

The Charles Street Box Culvert, which spans Keith Creek, was originally constructed in 1940 and carries over  17,000 vehicles per day.  A 2015 inspection revealed large areas of deterioration to the top slab and sidewalls of the culvert. The structure currently has a weight limit restriction posted on it, which eliminates loaded trucks and emergency vehicles from utilizing that portion of Charles Street.  The surface of the pavement will be patched over the culvert sections, along with other roadway segments that are in poor condition. This much needed rehabilitation will add 20-30 years of life to the structure. The City will be utilizing local funds for this project.


Current Status Design Engineering
Lead Agency City of Rockford
Tentative Construction Letting Date Spring 2018
Estimated Project Cost Design- $100,000
Construction- $800,000
Construction Engineering- $100,000
Total- $1,000,000
Funding Source Sales Tax
Estimated Completion Date Winter 2018