Corridor Utility Relocation

The relocation of overhead utility lines adds value to major roadway corridor improvements.  The process is viewed as a community-wide investment in our corridors that promotes marketable economic opportunity, enhances public safety, and improves the quality of life in the City.  Relocation of overhead utility lines provide a significant return on investment in that it reduces the chance for power outages, enhances aesthetics, opens up corridor space for pedestrian facilities, & protects the City’s mature tree canopy.  As the City moves forward on corridor reconstruction projects, we will continue to investigate the feasibility of relocating overhead utilities.  These relocations will be financed utilizing ComEd’s Rider LGC program.  Below is a list of priority locations we will be investigating during the 2017-2021 Capital Improvement Program duration.  We do not have accurate cost projections from ComEd at this point but are working towards having design & cost information prepared well in advance of these projects advancing.

West State Street Phase 2:  Day Ave. to Independence Ave.
Utilities to be relocated with IDOT project

East State Street & Bell School Road Intersection

During the reconstruction of the intersection in 2015-2016, blank conduits were placed under the roadway for the future burying of the overhead utility lines.

Cedar Street:  Church St. to S. Main St.

Burying the overhead lines on Cedar Street will need to be completed in advance of the Church Street Two-Way conversion project.