North Alpine Road Box Culvert

During the 2017 construction season the North Alpine Road box culvert that spans the North Branch of Keith Creek will be completely demolished and reconstructed. The culvert, which was originally constructed in 1930 and carries over 26,000 vehicles per day, was revealed to have advanced deterioration to the top slab and side walls during the 2013 inspection of the structure. This necessitated a load posting, which ensures that legally loaded trucks and emergency vehicles cannot traverse it. The City was able to secure Federal Bridge funds through IDOT to provide for 80% of the engineering and construction costs for the project.


  • Lead Agency:           City of Rockford
  • Project Scope:          Box Culvert Reconstruction
  • Project Limits:         Maray Drive to Aschanjali Court
  • Project Status:         Design Engineering
  • Letting Date:           June 2017
  • Completion Date:     Late 2017
  • Total Project Cost:    $2,000,000