Strathmoor Drive Extension

The City will be extending either Strathmoor Drive from Mulford Road to Roxbury Road to provide better access for emergency vehicles to the nearby hospital campus, as well as enhance the redevelopment of the area.  The project will include a roadway extension, property acquisition, bicycle and pedestrian considerations and intersection improvements at both Roxbury Road and Mulford Road.  The project will be using both Motor Fuel Tax funds as well as local funds.  The project design is scheduled for early 2018 with construction beginning in late 2018 and continuing into 2019.

Current Status Design Engineering
Lead Agency City of Rockford
Tentative Construction Letting Date Summer 2018
Estimated Construction Cost Design- $300,000
Land Acquisition- $100,000
Construction- $2,800,000
Construction Engineering- $300,000
Total- $3,500,000
Funding Source Motor Fuel Tax- $3,000,000
Sales Tax- 500,000
Tentative Completion Date Winter 2019