West State Reconstruction Phase Two

The West State Street Phase 2 reconstruction is the continuation of the West State Street corridor project, of which Phase 1 was completed in 2014.  The IDOT-led project will consist of a complete reconstruction of the corridor to modern standards and include new concrete pavement, intersection improvements, drainage improvements, new water main, decorative street lighting and traffic signals, pedestrian accommodations (sidewalk and multi-use path), landscaping components, and relocated overhead utilities.  Land acquisition must be coordinated with IDOT for completion in late 2018 (excluding any unforeseen, external party delays).


Current Status Land Acquisition, Design Engineering
Lead Agency Illinois Department of Transportation
Tentative Construction Letting Date Fall 2019
Estimated Project Cost IDOT- $11,600,000
City- $2,400,000
Total- $14,000,000
Funding Source Motor Fuel Tax- $4,000,000
Sales Tax- $1,100,000
WRIA- $900,000
Estimated Completion Date Land Acquisition- Winter 2018
Construction- Fall 2021