Special Events

Special Events, Festivals and Parades

Please contact Kelly Nokes or Martin Bloom.

The City of Rockford appreciates the unique contributions that special events provide to the spirit and vitality of our community. Events can celebrate neighborhoods, further economic growth, blend cultures, create fundraising opportunities for non-profit organizations, and increase tourism and recreation. The City of Rockford is proud to host hundreds of events each year: from major festivals, parades and sporting events, to local neighborhood gatherings.

The City also has a significant interest in protecting the health, safety and welfare of the general public and in preserving the public order. For those reasons, permits may be necessary for special events, parades or public assembly on public property. The City Events Coordinator, located in the Legal Department, works closely with representatives of other City Departments to provide expert knowledge and to guide organizers through the City permit process. Please contact Kelly Nokes at 779-348-7660 or Martin Bloom at 779-348-7648.

2023 Special Events Application

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Special Event Planning Guide and Information

2023 Special Event Planning Guide