Hydrant Flushing

The 2017 Hydrant Flushing season started May 1st, 2017.

Click here to see when we will be in your area.

2016 Flushing Statistics

  • Miles of water main flushed: 312
  • Number of hydrants serviced: 636
  • Number of hydrants painted: 522

Would You Like to Receive a Flushing Notification?

Flushing notifications will be sent automatically if you have a listed phone number.  You will be notified when we will be in your area.  If you have an un-listed phone number or would like to be notified via cell phone, e-mail or text message, you may register your information by clicking this link: Emergency Notification System (ENS)

If you would like to have your number removed from the Emergency Notification System, please contact Nadine Miller via email at nadine.miller@rockfordil.gov or leave a message at 779-348-7151.