Water Quality

Your Water is…….

  • Safe
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How do you know your water is safe?

Water Quality is a very serious matter.  You need and desire clean, safe drinking water.  The City of Rockford Water Division’s number one priority is to provide Safe, Clean Drinking Water.  Chemists, Lab Technicians, and Plant Operators conduct approximately one hundred and eight analytical tests each day, that is about 40,000 tests per year, on the water that is delivered to your home before you receive it.

Our Goal?

To not only meet, but also exceed the Drinking Water Standards that are set by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) for microbiological and chemical content.

Does anyone else test our water?

Yes.  The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) also conducts tests on your water.

Why are so many tests conducted?

It is important to constantly monitor your water to ensure that it is consistently safe.

What are some of the chemicals we look for in the testing process?

Among a few of the items that are tested include:

What is fluoridation, and why is fluoride added to my water?

  • Fluoride is a naturally occurring ion that is present in water.
  • Fluoride’s effect is topical. It keeps the tooth enamel strong by preventing the loss of important minerals.

Is fluoridation safe?

  • Public health institutions like CDC and ADA conclude that extensive research conducted over the past 50 years has demonstrated that fluoridation of public water supplies is a safe and effective way to reduce the incidence of tooth decay in a community.
  • A detailed review by the National Research Council in 1993 found no links between low-level fluoride ingestion and occurrences of cancer, kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorders, immunological disorders, reproductive effects, genetic disorders, or bone fractures.
  • While exposure to high levels of fluoride over a long time can cause dental fluorosis, a condition that leads to mottled tooth enamel, discoloration, and in some cases erosion the gum line, the fluoride content in your drinking water is  limited under federal law and the levels are very low.

For More Information on Fluoridation, please follow the link to the American Water Works Association for Straight Talk on Fluoridation.

Ground Water Protection

The City of Rockford has an active role in Ground Water Protection.  Ground Water is the sole source of our water supply here in Rockford, therefore, its protection from contamination is critical.  We actively participate in the Northern Regional Groundwater Protection Planning Committee.

For active ways that you can protect our ground water, see the topics below:

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Water Conservation

There are many cost effective, responsible ways to conserve water.

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