City staff and aldermen have been hearing from residents across the community lately about coyotes in the area. According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, coyotes are a normal part of our environment, pose little threat to humans and are often seen more in areas where they are being fed or have access to food. 

Here is some important information:


  • Remove food sources in yards, such as bird food, pet food, ripe fruit or trash.
  • Coyotes will vigorously protect their young. If you have seen one in your area, walk your dog in another area to avoid them.
  • It’s typically easier to change human and domestic animal behavior than to capture a coyote.
  • Social media has exaggerated the threat of coyotes—just two people have been killed by coyotes in North America in the last century. In the US, between 20-40 people are killed annually by domestic dogs and more than four million people are bitten or “attacked” by dogs.
  • The IDNR notes that removal of coyotes from an area is “usually unrealistic, always temporary and requires time, effort and funding.”
  • True problem coyotes should be removed by professional hunters and trappers or private professional contractors licensed by the IDNR.
  • Class A Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators for the State of Illinois. https://www.wildlifeillinois.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Class-A-NWCO-List.pdf . This resource is shared for information-purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement by the City of Rockford of a particular vendor.
  • You can find additional information at www.wildlifeillinois.org and www.urbancoyoteresearch.com.

In the spring of 2020, the City hosted a town hall on Coyotes. You can find a powerpoint of a presentation by the IDNR here.