Community Relations Commission

The Community Relations Commission helps the City better achieve its goals of involving the community, improving communication, and fostering positive relations.

Community Relations Commission Rules of Procedure and Order of Business

For the latest agendas, visit http://rockfordcityil.iqm2.com/Citizens/Default.aspx.

The Commission acts as an advisory board to the mayor and council.  Functions of the commission include:

  • Providing opportunity for our City departments to communicate the work they do, so that commissioners can be ambassadors for the City
  • Giving commissioners opportunity to provide feedback to the council, Mayor and staff on issues impacting the community
  • Providing a forum for thoughtful debate on issues impacting the community, including civil rights, diversity and fair housing
  • Reviewing and recommending adoption of ordinances
  • Helping hold the City and our contractors accountable by periodically receiving reports from staff regarding compliance with our EEO and diversity hiring policies
  • Assisting staff with informal mediation and conciliation to resolve claims of discrimination
  • Recommending educational programs, trainings, and best practices to counsel and the community in furtherance of the goal of community engagement, diversity and equity
  • Holding trainings on engaging minority and women owned businesses
  • Helping navigate difficult issues by fostering input and discussion

Members of the Commission include:

Todd Burton
Ricardo Montoya Picazo
Jurea Crudup
Victoria De La Rosa
William Martin
Charles Prorok
Eric Brown
Erin Hannigan
Nikki Lynch
Jay Ware
Reggie Alexander