The Rockford REGROW Grant, funded by the Cannabis Fund, is now open. This is an equity-driving, restorative justice and community reinvestment grant program funded by the City of Rockford’s 3% local tax on adult-use cannabis retail sales. The decades-long “war-on-drugs” and related policies led to disparate cannabis-related arrests, convictions, and sentencing which have had long lasting legal, social, economic, and inter-generational consequences on communities of color. This fund aims to rectify some of these past harms and to reinvest in these communities directly.

Rockford REGROW Application

In alignment with the City of Rockford Resolution 2021-7-R, the Rockford REGROW Grant Fund shall be used for:

  • programs for economic and business development; education; youth programming; job training; housing; health; or other financial assistance to individuals, businesses, and communities that have been disproportionately impacted by cannabis-related laws,
  • programs to substantially reduce both the total amount of gun violence and concentrated poverty in the City of Rockford
  • programs to protect communities from gun violence through targeted investments and intervention programs, including economic growth and improving family violence prevention, community trauma treatment rates, gun injury victim services, and public health prevention activities,
  • programs to promote employment infrastructure and capacity building related to the social determinants of health in the eligible community areas,
  • programs to address economic development, violence prevention services, zero entry and re-entry services, and youth development.

For the 2021 funding cycle, $400,000 is available for Rockford REGROW Grant Fund through the following funding opportunities:

  • ONE (1) two-year grant at $150,000 total per grant
  • THREE (3) one-year grants at $50,000 total per grant
  • FIVE (5) quick deployment grants at $10,000 per grant to support smaller, short-term projects to begin in 2021
  • $50,000 for Future Projects TBD

The Rockford REGROW Fundseeks applications from non-profit and for-profit entities, of any size. Please note, newly formed groups or initiatives with fiscal sponsorship from a non-profit entity are also eligible to apply. Multi-entity collaborations, coalitions and/or consortium efforts are also encouraged to apply.

Round 1 Applications must be submitted via email in WORD or PDF format by: Saturday, July 31, 2021 at 5PM CST

Submit applications and refer questions to: [email protected]