Rockford Maps

Rockford Wards

This map represents the new City of Rockford ward boundaries and contact information for the aldermen that serve those wards.

Interactive Lead Service Line Identification Map

This map shows information for each active customer within the service area. Click on the water drop located within the property boundary to view the property’s service line information.

Garbage Boundary

Garbage route pickup zones and schedule for the City of Rockford, IL.

Rockford CIP

This map displays current Capital Improvement Projects and other construction projects in the City of Rockford. Use it to find out more about projects in your neighborhood and around the City.

Rockford Zoning

Interactive Map of 2012 Zoning Districts for the City of Rockford.

Watershed Map

A watershed is an area of land where all the water drains to the same location. Use this map to learn more about the watershed you live in.

Rockford Flood Zones

Use this map to determine which areas and parcels in the City of Rockford are in flood zones. The flood zone information references the FEMA FIRM Panel Flood Zone 2006 data.

Rockford Historic Sites

Discover historic sites and districts within the Rockford area with this interactive map. For information on submitting your historic photos of Rockford, please contact [email protected]

Neighborhood Groups

City of Rockford Neighborhood Groups and Associations. Use this map to explore groups near you and join the effort to help strengthen Rockford area neighborhoods.

Hydrant Flushing Schedule

City of Rockford Hydrant Flushing Map. Use this map to find the anticipated flushing dates for your neighborhood.

Residential Plowing Operation

This map shows the progress of the City of Rockford’s snow plow contractor during this residential plowing operation.