TIF Policy Statement & Scoring System

The Rockford City Council established the Ad Hoc TIF Committee to review the existing TIF Districts best practices and formulate a recommendation for a TIF Policy to City Council. The Committee consisted of John Holmstrom, Michelle Petrie, Bill Whitcher, Karen Walsh, John Phelps and Mike Fumo. The Ad Hoc TIF Committee, through a number of meetings, completed their review of the existing TIF Districts, past development agreements and best practices from other communities. As a result of their efforts, they prepared a TIF Policy Statement and Guideline Scoring System.

The City Council approved the Policy on September 22, 2014, the Policy is a guide to developers, community and staff when evaluation development projects with public funding.

View the Approved TIF Policy Statement (PDF).

View the Approved Scoring System Appendix A (PDF).