Register a Vacant / Foreclosing Property

The purpose of the Vacant and Foreclosing Property Registry (VFPR) is to provide the City of Rockford an additional tool as we continue to fight against the spread of blight in our neighborhoods and commercial corridors. The VFPR will ensure the City has up to date contact information to communicate with those parties responsible for the maintenance and up keep of properties.

View the City Council Approved VFPR Ordinance (PDF).

The City of Rockford has partnered with PROCHAMPS to administer its VFPR Program. In order to comply with the VFPR ordinances, vacant property owners and foreclosing property mortgagees must register online via the PROCHAMPS website and pay the registration fee.

For assistance in registering a vacant or foreclosing property, please use the following tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions:

For additional assistance in registering a vacant or foreclosing property, please email PROCHAMPS or by phone at 321-421-6639.

If you have a property that qualifies to be removed from the VFPR, please fill out the form below in accordance with Section 17-66 of the VFPR. The form must provide the name and contact information of someone that can provide access to the interior of the property for an inspection. An inspection fee will apply. The code official, upon receipt of the request, will inspect the property to determine if registration remains necessary for the property.

View the Remove Property from VFPR Form (PDF).

View the VFPR Ordinance website.

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