CEDD Reports

This page contains reports, plans and studies created by the Community and Economic Development department. Explanations and links to additional information are included below.

Neighborhood Development Reports

For plans and reports regarding CDBG, HOME, and ESG, view the HUD Plans and Reports page.

Planning & Zoning Reports

View the Planning and Zoning page.

  • South Main Corridor Revitalization Strategy: In order to develop future design concepts and strategic goals for the South Main Corridor, the Lakota Group and the City of Rockford's Long-Range Planning division developed this State of the Corridor report to analyze the existing conditions of the quality of infrastructure, physical attractiveness and market conditions, among other factors, that impact the potential redevelopment of South Main Street and Southwest Rockford. View the South Main Revitalization Strategy page.
  • Riverwalk Plan: This plan is dedicated to a vision of a continuous pathway along both banks of the Rock River. View the Riverwalk Plan (PDF).
  • West State Street Corridor Plan: The West State Street Corridor Project is comprised of several projects occurring simultaneously; West State Street Construction, West State Street to Linear park and West State Street land acquisition. This is an ongoing long-term project involving both the Long-Term Planning division of Community and Economic Development and the Capital Improvements Division of Public Works. Check back occasionally for updates. View the West State Street Corridor Plan page.
  • Barber Colman: The former Barber Colman manufacturing facility is located within an economically distressed area of the City. USEPA grant funds have allowed the City to begin a massive clean up effort of hazardous waste at the facility. It is hoped the clean-up effort will be a catalyst for redevelopment at this historical site. View the Barber Colman page.
  • Hope VI Focus Area Plan: This multi-year action plan sets out specific steps to strengthen the Hope VI area. View the Hope VI Focus Area Plan page.
  • 2020 Plan: The 2020 Plan is a long-term plan describing our community's goals and future shape. It is used when reviewing development proposals, designing infrastructure expansions and planning new facilities. View the 2020 Plan page.
  • North Main Plan: View the corridor plan for North Main Street from just south of Auburn Street to just north of West Riverside Boulevard. View the North Main Plan (PDF).
  • Kishwaukee Corridor Plan: This plan covers the areas around Kishwaukee Street, from the Chicago/Rockford International Airport to 3rd Street and the Whitman Street Interchange. The plan sets out specific land use changes, economic investment strategies and transportation improvements that will improve the safety of the corridor for businesses and residents, making the area more attractive and functional. View the Kishwaukee Corridor Plan page.
  • College-Seminary Focus Area Plan: The City of Rockford worked with residents and business owners to create the College-Seminary Focus Plan, a multi-year action plan to strengthen the College-Seminary area. View the College-Seminary Focus Area Plan page.
  • Mid-Town North Plan: The City of Rockford worked with residents and business owners to create the Mid-Town North Plan, a multi-year action plan to strengthen the Mid-Town North area. View the Mid-Town North Plan page.