Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program is a comprehensive program of infrastructure investment throughout the City. The Program's mission continues to be the advancement of enhancing public safety, maintaining and improving the movement of commerce and economic activity throughout the City, and promoting a sense of well-being for the community as a whole. Areas of emphasis that are apparent in this program include the programming of regular maintenance activities to economically prolong the life of our infrastructure, targeted repairs to our highway structures, improvement of our stormwater system, continued investment into neighborhood and arterial streets, and the enhancement of our City-wide pedestrian and bicycle accommodations. In further detail, the Capital Improvement Program is subdivided into nine categories, each of which is a chapter in this book. Below you will find the Capital Improvement Programs from 2011 to current; each program will provide you with a fiscal look at the planned improvements for the City, as well as a financial analysis for that year. View images of capital improvement program projects in progress (PDF).

View the archive of the yearly capital improvement programs documents.