Recreational Vehicle, Boat & Trailer Storage

City of Rockford Zoning Ordinance 40-002-F establishes parking and storage standards for recreational vehicles, trailers, and boats.

Motor homes, campers, and travel trailers, up to 30 feet in length, may be stored in side or rear yard areas, providing that those stored in side yards are located a minimum of 6 feet from any property line. No motor home, camper, or travel trailer may be stored in any area located between the front property line and the street facing wall of the residential building and may not be inhabited or used for residential purposes. Parking must occur upon a paved surface.

Recreational vehicles (boats, snowmobiles, waverunners, jet skis, ATV's golf carts, etc) must remain stored upon trailers solely manufactured for the purpose of hauling such equipment. Recreational vehicle trailers must be parked on a paved surface in side or rear yard areas, providing those stored in side yards are located a minimum of 6 feet from the property line. Recreational vehicles are prohibited from being operated withing residential areas in the City of Rockford. For the purposes of loading or unloading a recreational vehicle, such vehicles may be temporarily stored anywhere on a lot for a period not to exceed 6 hours within any 24 hour time period.

No more than one motor home, camper, travel trailer, boat, snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, Jet Ski, or similar type of recreational vehicle or piece of recreational equipment may be stored outside.

All other vehicles including, but not limited to, utility type trailers, car hauling trailers, enclosed box type utility trailers, commercial construction trailers, or any other type of hauling trailer are prohibited from storage on a residential property.

Violations related to parking and prohibited trailer types may result in a ticket being issued carrying a minimum fine of $25.