About the Street Division

The Street Division's mission is to maintain and regulate city-owned parking lots and all streets and right-of-ways in order to maintain a high-quality environment for our citizens and visitors. The division is also responsible for maintaining vehicles, equipment, and buildings.

Street Section

The Street Division is comprised of three major areas of responsibility: Patching, Forestry, and Storm Sewer, and is responsible for maintaining the 780 miles of right-of-way within the City. The division maintains streets, storm sewers, and terrace areas, removes snow and ice from the streets, and sweeps streets seasonally. Alleys receive routine maintenance (pothole patching) but are not plowed by the City. City crews repair approximately 100,000 potholes annually using approximately 2,000 tons of asphalt. The division also maintains 3 earthen dams, and mows/landscape sites throughout select City corridors, and cares for several miles of paved and unpaved drainage ditches. Since 1991, the sewer section has been responsible for only storm sewers, having transferred responsibility for sanitary sewers to the Four Rivers Sanitation Authority. The Forestry Group cares for nearly 35,000 trees in the city right-of-way.

Fleet & Facilities Section

The Fleet and Facility Section services the City's fleet and maintains select City buildings. There are three primary functions assigned to this section. These include Property and Building Maintenance, Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance, and Central Stores Management.

  • Facility Maintenance - Provides maintenance and repair services to City Hall, City Yards, Fire Stations, Police Stations, and other municipal locations.
  • Fleet Maintenance - Provides procurement, preventative maintenance, and repair services for all City Vehicles and Equipment, with the exception of the Fire Department's emergency equipment.
  • Central Stores - Responsibility is procuring parts/supplies, maintaining vendor contracts, and providing a centralized inventory for the Central Garage and Water Division.

In addition, the Facility Maintenance Section oversees the graffiti abatement program citywide.

Traffic Section

The Traffic Section regulates all traffic activity on City streets in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists is provided.

The primary functions of the Traffic Section are maintaining traffic signals, street lighting, and roadway signage.

  • Parking / Sign Section - Maintains 41 municipal surface parking lots and 4 parking garages, totaling approximately 4,000 parking spaces. Parking enforcement is currently provided by a 3rd party vendor which utilizes computerized parking ticket system software. This section also maintains the existing 35,000 traffic control, street, and directional signs in the City. Specialty computer software and fabrication equipment enable staff to produce high-quality MUTCD-compliant reflective street signs.
  • Signal Section - Maintains 250 signalized intersections. The section operates and maintains traffic signals to regulate traffic control and ensure motorist and pedestrian safety, including coordinating with the Police Department on installing detection cameras throughout the City, maintaining corridor signal systems, and emergency vehicle pre-emption. The section also maintains approximately 12,850 city-owned streetlights as well as oversees signal and lighting construction projects.