About the Water Division

The Water Division is comprised of three operating sections and Administration. The Division is responsible for production, quality control, water treatment, distribution, and related services to approximately 55,000 water customers.

Administration Section

The Administrative Section is responsible for all division administration, fiscal control, system planning, service contract administration, and payroll.

Distribution Section

The Distribution Section oversees the maintenance, repair and replacement of water mains and associated service branches, valves and fire hydrants.

Field Services Section

The Field Services Section is primarily responsible for responding to customer concerns, meter readings, installation/replacement of water meters, and responding to service calls.

Production Section

The Production Section is responsible for overseeing the operation of the water system wells/booster pumps, ground-level and elevated storage, water treatment equipment, water quality, cross-connection control, and facility maintenance.

City of Rockford Lead Service Line Replacement Program - Phase IV