Going Out of Business Licenses

This license applies to all entities that wish to have a sale that upon completion, the business will cease and be discontinued at the premises where the sale is located. Requirements for this license is that the applicant must be the owner and must have been in business for not less than four months. This license is for a period of sixty (60) days and is renewable for an additional thirty days as governed by State of Illinois statutes.

To obtain a license, complete the Going Out of Business License Application and return it with the appropriate license fee and a notarized inventory of items to be sold to the Payment Center at City Hall. To obtain the additional thirty-day renewal, the applicant must complete the Renewal Application, submit an updated inventory no later than fourteen days prior to the expiration of the original license, and pay the renewal fee.

Compliance with all laws, ordinances, and regulations of the City of Rockford, including all building, zoning, and fire regulations as well as all State of Illinois statutes applicable to such a licensed business or device, is mandatory.

Complaints about this license should be directed to the City's Legal Department at 779-348-7394 or the State's Attorney General at 815-987-7580.