Massage Establishment Permit

An annual license expiring on January 31st.

It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in, conduct or carry on, or to permit to be engaged in, conducted or carried on, in or upon any premises in the City of Rockford, the operation of a massage establishment or advertise massage therapy services as herein defined, without first having obtained a permit from the Finance Director after submitting a copy of the permit issued by the Health Department. Every applicant for a permit to maintain, operate or conduct a massage establishment shall file an application with the Finance Director upon a form designated by the City and pay an application fee, which shall not be refundable.

The application for a permit to operate a massage establishment shall set forth the exact nature of the modality to be administered, the proposed place of business and facilities therefore, and the name and address of each applicant. In addition to the foregoing, any applicant for a permit shall furnish the following information:

  • The two previous addresses immediately prior to the present address of the applicant.
  • Written proof that the applicant is at least eighteen years of age.
  • Applicant's height, weight, color of eyes and hair.
  • Two portrait photographs at least two inches by two inches. Business, occupation, or employment ofthe applicant for the three years immediately preceding the date of application.
  • The massage or similar business license history of the applicant; whether such person, in previously operating in this or another city or state under license, has had such license revoked or suspended, the reason therefor, and the business activity or occupation subsequent to such action of suspension or revocation.
  • All criminal convictions except minor traffic violations. If any person mentioned in this subsection has been so convicted, a statement must be made giving the place and court in which such conviction was had, the specific charge under which the conviction was obtained and the sentence imposed as a result of such conviction.
  • Applicant must furnish a license issued by the State of Illinois pursuant to 225 ILCS 57/1
  • Applicant must furnish the name and address of every massage therapist to be employed at the massage establishment, including proof of age and each massage therapist's license issued by the State of Illinois pursuant to 225 ILCS 57/1 Massage Licensing Act, or valid certificate issued by an authorized bona fide organization as set forth in Section 25(g) of the Act.

The above information is not inclusive, please see the application and ordinance number 2017-205-O for complete information and requirements for this permit.