Amusement General and Mechanical License

An annual license expiring on January 31st.

This license applies to all mechanical devices used by the public for amusement and entertainment. The devices may be operated by inserting a coin, slug, token, plate, disc, or card into the device. Such devices include, but are not limited to, juke boxes, skill ball, video games, mechanical grab devices, pin ball machines, lottery games, and all coin-operated machines and games. This license also applies to all billiard and pool tables used by the public for amusement and entertainment. The tables may be coin operated or paid for based on time used. See Code sections 5.219 through 5.224.

To obtain a license, complete the General and Mechanical Amusement License Application and return it with the appropriate fee to the Payment Center at City Hall. The license will be issued upon the approval of the application

Compliance with all laws, ordinances, and regulations of the City of Rockford, including all building, zoning, and fire regulations as well as all State of Illinois statutes applicable to such a licensed business or device, is mandatory.