Transportation Network Company License

An annual license expires on January 31st.

A transportation network company, or TNC, transports a passenger between points chosen by the passenger and prearranged with a TNC driver through the use of a digital network or software application provided by the TNC. TNC services shall begin when a TNC driver accepts a transportation request received through the TNC's digital network or software application. Services continue through the transportation of the passenger and end when the passenger has completely exited the TNC driver's vehicle. This service is not a taxicab, for-hire vehicle, or street-hail service.

No person shall engage in a transportation network provider business in the City of Rockford without obtaining first a license.

In order to qualify for a transportation network company license, whether upon initial application or upon application for renewal of a license:

  • An applicant shall be in compliance with all applicable city, State of Illinois and federal laws.
  • An applicant shall have a place of business where the city may send, and the licensee shall accept, notices of hearing or other notices from the city and the licensee maintains its business and financial records relating to its license.
  • The TNC operating within the city shall submit an application to the finance department of the City of Rockford with the appropriate application fee and include all the documentation required

For more details please refer to the Article VI website.